Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Traditional Challenge Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Traditional Challenge - Essay Example Most of the Organizations in China, after they get the right Guanxi, they minimizes the rate frustrations, disappointments, and risks in their businesses. Once an organization gets the right Guanxi through the required authority, Guanxi determines how long that business will last depending on the competition that exists in the business environment. Most of the risks that may encounter a business are reduced once you have the right Guanxi system at work for you. The right Guanxi is a key factor when it comes to a business in China.Guanxi sometimes can be demanding when it comes to resources and time. The resources needed and time required in establishing this network is worth the investment as everything else in the business becomes secure. In the current China’s situation, Guanxi is to be considered as an asset. Looking at how China is growing business wise, Guanxi system will be of high help as it minimizes the risks in business. China has got a different way of doing busines s that they only do business with the people that they trust; having the Guanxi system in place they increase the chances on being more successful in their businesses.Although sometimes Guanxi can be mistaken for corruption, relationships are better virtues when it comes to businesses. Guanxi is usually regarded legal in Chinese culture and it does not involve bribery in any way. Before conducting any business in China, having a good relationship with a partner in business will increase trust and this is what Guanxi comes about with.

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